Advantages of building your own binary trading strategy

Using a binary trading strategy is what separates a successful and serious trader from the one who does not take the trading seriously. You can trade manually or use a binary robot , here you can choose, and whatever your preferences are, a good strategy will make you more successful.

Most popular trading strategies

There are some widely known trading strategies, used by many binary traders. They are built upon certain principles and they have already established rules and guidelines. Some of the most popular strategies are The Straddle, Doubling Up and Knock-on Effect.

Straddle strategy involves trading the same asset but by choosing both options, since one is certain to achieve profit. Doubling Up requires trading the same option twice before the time expires, which is more risky but it brings higher earnings. Knock-on Effect strategy is reserved for experienced traders, who rely on the correlation between the prices of different assets. It presupposes that the change in price of one asset will influence the price of other assets.


Naturally, as a trader, you can choose to follow some of the already established strategies, and they are likely to help you become successful. However, you are also allowed to modify them,  or even develop your own trading strategy. No all people are the same and we do not all use the same logic and principles. This is why your own trading strategy could be the most beneficial for your trades.

How to create your own binary trading strategy

If you want to develop your own strategy, you can start from adapting some of the already known strategies. This will provide you with the base and allow you to experiment and explore further. You can start from minor changes and then move towards the larger ones.

You need to know how to read charts and indicators in order to be able to create a strategy and base your trading on facts and market changes. If you have experience in trading, your strategy is likely to be more successful and you will be able to develop it more easily.

Experienced traders can even start developing their strategy from scratch, without relying on the already known ones. When you establish the principles, it is wise to use free demo accounts to try out the trading with your own methods and see if it is likely to be successful.

Benefits of custom-made trading strategy

Benefits of building your own trading strategy are numerous. First of all, as we mentioned, not all people are the same and not everyone have the same needs, characters, wishes and so on. Creating a custom strategy means that you can develop a set of trading principles which is ideal for you.

With a trading strategy created especially for your trading habits and needs, you are much more likely to be successful in trades and create a secure financial shelter for you and your family. What’s more, trading based on your own strategy will help you stay focused and disciplined. All this means that binary trading will be a pleasure and an activity you enjoy, while earning money at the same time.